About Us

How We Got Started

In 1938, a group of Louisiana sheriffs realized that they would need to formally organize themselves into a cohesive group to specifically address issues related to the office of sheriff and the changing times. They formed the Louisiana Sheriffs´ Association to become a fervent voice for Louisiana´s chief law enforcement officers, representing large and small, urban and rural offices across the state.

Our Mission

Louisiana Sheriffs are unique among their nationwide counterparts in three distinct ways: each is the chief law enforcement officer; the chief executive officer of the court; and the official tax collector for the parish in which he has been elected.

The Louisiana Sheriffs´ Association comprises Louisiana´s 64 sheriffs and nearly 14,000 deputy sheriffs. Its purpose is to maintain the powers of the sheriff as peace officer, to ensure the delivery of first-rate services by sponsoring legislation to promote the administration of criminal justice and to serve as a clearinghouse for information.

The Association is governed by an executive committee, an executive board and a President. The executive committee is comprised of the first and second vice presidents, a secretary treasurer and a sergeant-at-arms. The larger executive board is comprised of members and alternates elected from nine districts. Working committees are appointed by the President and undertake issues of special interest to the Association and its´ members.

These issue areas include Legislative, Risk Management, Civil Law, Emergency Task Enforcement, Jails and Prisons, Juvenile Incarceration, Jail Operation, Narcotics Education and Enforcement, Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement Compensation, Tax Law, Unemployment Compensation, Conferences, Contractual Services, and Alternate Financing.

The Louisiana Sheriffs´ Association administration is overseen by an executive director. Administrative services include governmental affairs, intergovernmental relations, media services and relations, public relations, education and training, research and inquiry services, insurance programs, legal information and opinions, special task forces, meeting facilities, grant resources, membership services, crime prevention and public safety; publishing, broadcasting, and community outreach.

Our Executive Committee

Each year at the LSA’s Annual Sheriffs’ and Wardens’ Training Conference, the LSA elects an Executive Committee to lead the Association’s sixty-four chief law enforcement officers and nearly 14,000 deputies.


Sheriff Douglas Hebert, Allen Parish

1st Vice President

Sheriff K. P. Gibson, Acadia Parish

2nd Vice President

Sheriff Gerald A. Turlich Jr., Plaquemines Parish


Sheriff Jayson Richardson, De Soto Parish

Sergeant at Arms

Sheriff Mark Garber, Lafayette Parish

Ex-Officio Member

Sheriff Kevin Cobb, Franklin Parish